On the Keto or Paleo Program? Jerky Is the Answer to Your Snacking Prayers

Congratulations on making the choice to eat keto or paleo. Eating a ketogenic diet can provide you with lots of energy and help you lose weight. The three basics of eating keto are: eat moderate amounts of protein, eat very little carbohydrates, and eat lots of fats. Similarly, eating on a paleo plan requires moderate protein, low to moderate carbohydrates, and eating lots of fats. Of course, these plans require certain types of fats, because not just any fats will do. Saturated fats are the recommended choice for paleo eating, which includes beef tallow and other fats, while animal fats are the preference on the keto diet. Jerky is the answer to your snacking prayers, keto and paleo eaters!

Eating on the Keto (Ketogenic) or Paleo Diet can be relatively easy when you are preparing regularly planned meals at home. However, snacking becomes another issue entirely when you’re faced with finding snacks that are easy to carry and don’t require refrigeration when you’re on the go from day to day. Likewise, planning for travel or extracurricular activities is important so you don’t stray from your eating plan.

Let’s break down jerky snacking by each savory benefit.

8 reasons to eat jerky on keto & paleo plans

  1. High in protein – Some beef, turkey, and buffalo jerkies contain more than 18 grams of protein in a 1-ounce serving
  2. Low in carbohydrates – read the nutritional information label and you will find that *most* meat snacks contain zero carbohydrates
  3. Highly portable meat snack –as you begin eating keto, you may feel hungry between meals, so it is extremely important to keep portable snacks with you *at all times* so that you are never tempted to eat something that could ruin your eating plan
  4. Maintains blood sugar – jerky does not raise your insulin levels, so it’s perfect when you’re trying to strip fat from your body
  5. Chewy, flavorful snacking texture – jerky takes a few minutes to chew, which makes it a longer lasting snack choice and encourages you to take in your snack at a slower pace – always a good idea when you’re trying to get in better shape
  6. Natural, chemical free protein options – meat snacks can be found that are free of nitrates, nitrites, MSG, and other ingredients you need to avoid when eating keto or paleo
  7. Variety of amazing and inventive flavors – tempting flavors such as chili lime, teriyaki, peppered, red hot, sweet and spicy, Jamaican, moonshine, and so many more
  8. Variety of meats – jerky isn’t just made of beef anymore. Indulge in buffalo or bison jerky, turkey jerky, and other exotic and savory meats

Remember, when you’re eating keto or paleo, you’re trying to avoid carbohydrate-filled snacks. Jerky is great for avoiding those carbs and keeping your mouth busy. The protein in the jerky fills you up and takes care of the snack cravings you’re experiencing between meals. Whether you are following a ketogenic or paleo diet, jerky is an answer to your snacking prayers.