Organic All-Natural Jerky: What’s the Difference and Is It Worth It?

Conventional versus organic farming Organic refers to the way farmers grow and process their products. Organic farming conserves soil and water and reduces pollution in the environment. Farmers use practices that include natural fertilizers. It is important to recognize that organic and natural do not mean the same thing on labels. So, is there a […]

Jerky: The Ultimate All Protein Power Snack!

A Protein and Vitamin Source Super thin cut and dried to perfection, jerky is a high-energy snack. When consumers are surveyed about why they are eating jerky, the most common answer is: “protein”. Jerky is recommended as a pre-workout food because it is easily digestible and provides a blend of protein, little to no fat, […]

What is Jerky?

Jerky defined Jerky is meat or fruit that has been cut into strips and dried. Drying meat is the oldest way of preserving meat, which produces jerky. Traditionally, jerky was made by cutting meat into strips, salting the meat strips, and either drying the meat in the sun or over a small smoky fire. Jerky […]

How to Make Your Own Jerky

What meat, products and supplies you need to make your own delicious jerky snacks. Jerky can be purchased in many stores and online. However, making your own jerky is easy and safe, plus you can choose exactly what goes into your own jerky, avoiding unwanted ingredients and/o`r allergens based on your family’s nutritional requirements. Kitchen […]

Beef, Turkey, Buffalo – Which Is The Best?

Jerky has made a comeback in a big way during the past few years. It’s not just *beef* jerky anymore; we can choose from beef, turkey, or buffalo. So, how do you choose? Which jerky is best? Let’s talk jerky and help you discern between these three high protein meat snacks. Beef Jerky Let’s face […]