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Eating Jerky Is pure Bliss for some Folks
Big Bobs Jerky  started  years ago
Reason" as I got older ,just harder to drag out of the woods an Elk
Rain, Cold, Tired of trucking up and down moutains & revens.
Old man" I tell ya
So I build a Smoker and Started Big Bobs Jerky in Idaho Photos Below
Soon Had a freezer full of Elk, Deer, Bear, Salmon, Moose Pheasent, and Lama
and NEVER left the Farm.
And alot of happy folks  with pockets full of
Tasety Homemade Jerky.
Gave a lot of Jerky to folks that would like to have some jerky  
But just could not aford it.
Troblesome times we live in
We Cut up steaks and roast  and ribs  crabs  fish,
try to give them to thoes in need.  Eldery Fatherless kids  low income folks

I Built a smoker In Gold Beach  Lots of Bear and Shark Jerky
Finaly Came home to Tillamook  and started tillamookjerky.com
What a pleasure to live in a county  Lots of Elk - Bear - Crabs - Salmon - StealHead
I built a nice Smoker   Can Jerk a elk in a few days  lots of Racks
Call Bob   208-371-7757  
 or text   Must include Name and Contact Number   
Jerky is not for sale    You got to provide  THE MEAT

  • TillamookJerky.com

    Here's The Deal Ombrey
We"  Smoke Fish - Turkey Jerky
Beef Jerkey - Lama - Geese including "Shark Elk Bear
Here is how we do it  You provide the  meat
and I do all the slicing and smoking  
We split it    50 / 50  I dont cheat ya"
The Best for You and The Best for Me
  • I jerk the tenderlion / Filet Mignon /
    and put your half in special  bag

    Our Smoker in Tillamook Or
    Yes Sir"  We can hoist up a mighty Big Elk

    We keep an eye out fur "YA   208-371-7757 Bob

    How's The Fishing

    Love fishing in the Rouge River
    Smoke House In Gold Beach  2021


    Slice That up  and Jerky for the fishing trip

    write us
    Hunting Is the way you Get wild Jerky

    Tillamook Best Tasting Jerky Ever   208-371-7757 / Bob
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